Friday, June 10, 2011

moving out

 Living in the ghetto may be taking a toll on me. Me and the other tucans have taken to just sitting on the porch smoking newport cigarettes. I still cant get a legitimate job and day day owes the ice cream man money for weed again. But beyond that this house wasn't cutting it anymore. It seems that my expectations for shelter ran quite low, it seems now my interest specifically in a crackhouse was wildly misguided. I take full blame and will lead my remaining band of tucans to greener pastures.
 I felt like moses leading his band of jews across the desert for the promised land. It was hot as fuck out and we didnt know where we were going. The similarities were remarkable. Our promised land was suburbia and we were on our way. We had managed to fix our wings so that we could fly and i must say, the ghetto is much nicer from the sky. From there we could see the identical boxes of the suburbs. We were prepared for another hostile takeover of a house, but it turns out many houses were empty. Every street had a foreclosed house on it and they were ripe for the pickings.
 2374 ledgewood drive was my new home and if the bank had anything to say about it they could take it from my cold dead beak.

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