Monday, June 6, 2011

cleaning up

Now we have a closet full of hookers. Some of the tucans have been giving the said closet some colorful nicknames like pleasureville, and the herpes highway. Some of these bird have fallen victim to their own lust and now the ones with the silly nicknames. We call these birds the infected since before these jackasses tucans hadn't contracted such diseases. It only took us but twenty minutes to make the decision that they would be treated as zombies. As pertaining to the tucan zombie field guide, the infected were to be quarentined untill the appropriate plot twist develops. We stuck them in the closet, they did not protest.
 By now i realized my attempt at fixing the prostitution problem had greatly backfired. A choice few of my fellow tucans were part of the problem now and we still haven't disposed of any them. It turns out when you've been living in a pet shop all your life then your not prepared for things like this. I have considered burning the house down with them still in the closet, but our crackhouse is just so nice. So we dig a hole, we dig and we dig. Then we put the dirt back, the problem is solved, im fucking exausted.

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